Double Masters Programme

in international partnership with Rutgers Business School, USA*

Programme Highlights

  • Admitted Students will receive two Masters Degrees in two years
  • First year courses (3 Terms) in XLRI Jamshedpur and Summer Internship in India
  • Second year courses (Two Semesters) at Rutgers Business School (RBS), US
  • Transcripts will be exchanged between XLRI and RBS for the respective courses completed
  • On successful completion of the required courses and other formalities as stipulated by the respective institutions for the degrees, the students will be awarded PGDBM(LSCM) from XLRI Jamshedpur and MS in SCA (MSCA) from RBS, US
  • Career Counselling Services, Option of internship/full-time job in the U.S. with 3-year STEM OPT available at RBS, US for admitted students
  • Scholarship offers to reduce the tuition fee for the two semesters at Rutgers
  • Tuition Benefits at XLRI and Rutgers Business School in terms of Cost reduction via shortened duration. (A regular PGDBM student of XLRI typically graduates in 6 terms (June 2022-March 2024) while a regular MSCA student of Rutgers graduates in 3 semesters (September 2023– December 2024) independently for the PGDBM and MSCA. However, a student in this cohort will graduate in 2 years itself in total for both the PGDBM and MSCA with an estimated saving of about Rs.15 lakhs in XLRI and about $15,000 - $21,000 (tuition, living, etc.) in the US.
  • Waivers at RBS in terms of Application Fee, Recommendation Letters for admission, Program Fee of $ 800, Tuition Deposit of $ 2000, Orientation and other pre requisites


For this programme, minimum eligibility is a three years of Bachelor’s degree in any discipline, recognized by a University or Deemed to be University and it should be from a NAAC accredited institution with a rating of at least A. For Engineering graduates of minimum 4 years from reputed institutions like IIT’s, NIT’s etc., NAAC Accreditation is not mandatory. Those completing their final examination by June 10, 2022 may also apply. Candidates with good work experience and sponsored candidates from organisations are encouraged to apply.

 More Information

  • Details of Curriculum Structure, Fee Structure, Admission Processes for both XLRI and RBS and other Program details are available in the Programme Prospectus. Click here to view!
  • XLRI Details and Campus facilities Click Here!
  • A glance at Courses offered at XLRI and Rutgers Business School Click here to view!
*Pending Approval